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Hey, It's Me QuincyB!

My journey to becoming dairy-free has been long, but it has provided me the opportunity to learn and listen to my body in hopes to lead a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life.


Dairy never agreed with me and back in the '90's, the alternatives just weren’t as accessible. When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. As I tried to navigate my way to remission, one commonality kept reoccurring – dairy.


More than ever, it caused me pain, inflammation, discomfort, low energy levels and took me ten steps back from where I wanted to be. As I began to slowly cut dairy from my diet, I also started to see positive results. The better I started to feel, the less I wanted dairy, which has led me to be completely dairy free for about twelve years now. Since I have such a sweet tooth, it has led me to baking and enjoying treats that are nutritiously dairy-free.

My hope moving forward is that we use food in a proactive way in order to prevent illness, heal and energize our bodies. This is the point of food, but it isn’t always used this way, especially in North America. My wish is that through my dairy-free life, I can help inspire others to take that step towards the dairy-free life that they may have been wanting to lead but haven’t been sure where to start. The more we listen to our bodies, the better relationship we will have with our bodies; physically and mentally and I wish that connection for everybody.

Trust me, you can ditch the dairy and still indulge in life.


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