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Hey, It's Me QuincyB!

Welcome to my dairy-free life!

Ever since I was a young child, I've had a sweet tooth. I've always loved baking and eating sweet treats.

There is one major problem though:


After years of struggling with an upset intestinal tract, many tests and uncomfortable procedures, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. My first GI specialist said food has nothing to do with flare ups and simply put me on steroids. That didn't work as I kept my diet the same - full of dairy. I knew there was more to it and knew deep down that dairy was the main culprit of my problems. I found a new GI.

The thought of no longer having dairy in my life was a difficult thing to digest (literally & figuratively) but I also knew I could no longer live like that.

This is where creativity, research and discovering dairy alternatives came into play. As I continued baking to satisfy my many sweet teeth, I found myself using healthier, cleaner ingredients that not only satisfied my craving, but also provided many health benefits such as omega 3's, fibre, healthy fats and lower sugar content by using natural sweeteners. Baking dairy-free not only could be just as tasty, but had other health benefits too!


Dairy-free alternatives have improved a lot over the past 10 years in regards to quality, taste, texture and accessibility and I am so excited about it! In this blog, I will share with you some of my go-to baking products, baking tips, recipes as well as how to navigate life dairy-free.

I welcome you to my dairy-free life, where I enjoy the sweet things life has to offer, just dairy-free.




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